Agency Traffic Manager Job Description

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So the term agency traffic manager speaks for itself. Wait, wait – or not? For non-agency people, the title may not be as intuitive.

Agency Traffic Manager Job Description

In short: since agency work revolves around the successful realization of projects, agency traffic management is designed for the process of maintaining traffic (tasks and project phases) without problems. Several teams must work together to meet the customer’s requirements, and traffic managers are there to keep the work flowing.

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But that’s just in a nutshell. Browse with us for full details on the key roles and responsibilities of an Agency Traffic Manager.

We talked about what agency managers do. We have also covered the project manager’s roles and responsibilities. So what exactly does a traffic manager do?

The main goal of the traffic manager is to ensure that the work that comes from the customer manager flows to the production teams, all the way to delivery. In other words, agency traffic managers must understand and integrate client requirements and creative teams’ smooth production output.

In an ideal world, the agency’s traffic manager is one of the key people behind both employee and customer satisfaction, ensuring that projects are profitable and that deadlines are met.

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In some agencies, project managers, resource managers, operations managers or account managers assume similar roles and responsibilities to traffic managers.

Like project and account managers, traffic managers must track project deadlines, update all parties involved in each project, and monitor progress in between.

Well, traffic managers in agencies are more concerned with managing and optimizing processes than with individuals, teams and customers.

However, be aware that there is a difference between macro and micro planning. While accounts will service clients and ping creative directors left and right, project managers will keep track of even the smallest tasks within their teams. At the same time, the agency’s traffic managers must clear, well, traffic.

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The traffic manager’s role is mostly macro planning by overseeing the bigger picture of each phase of the project, but also making sure the smaller steps are moving forward. They facilitate project delivery from a workflow optimization perspective in general.

A large part of a traffic manager’s job is to ensure that the route planning is set up and works well. Previously, Excel was the traffic manager’s main tool for doing this. Today, agency traffic managers want to balance and move schedules and deadlines from a higher level – but with the help of agency management tools.

In collaboration with project and customer managers, traffic managers will know if there is still work to be done and if they need to move deadlines, hire contractors or plan potential hires. They will ensure that the work for the creative or production teams is evenly distributed.

For the most complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and tight deadlines, daily status synchronization is a best practice. Traffic managers usually schedule weekly and daily status monitoring meetings to check task projects, budget consumption and tracked time on services and projects. When necessary, traffic managers are responsible for suggesting improvements to achieve project progress.

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Whether it’s an agency manager, head of human resources or creative director, traffic managers will come into contact with management on a regular basis. Why?

For example, a traffic manager can help creative managers assign work to appropriate designers, developers or copywriters based on past data, such as usage on similar projects.

By reviewing resource plans weeks or months in advance, the traffic manager can talk to the board and the HR team to ensure who will be hired next.

Account managers will talk to traffic managers to check customer satisfaction or budget spend. Agency heads or managing partners will be interested in traffic managers’ ability to optimize workflows that result in higher profit margins and overall employee satisfaction.

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Where project managers are not directly responsible for distributing all tasks to production teams, depending on availability and priorities, agency traffic managers may be responsible for assigning tasks to teammates and setting deadlines for them.

Time registration does not only help with recruitment. Real-time data that comes from regular tracking of time-on-service, plus including overhead and other costs in your profitability calculations, helps management move forward. You know when to charge more, increase budgets or offer discounts to clients, and use historical data to improve agency management in the future.

Again, depending on the size and type of agency you work for, operations management activities will vary. Likewise, key pain points and challenges vary from agency to agency, but we’ve covered three common ones.

I deal with project administration and resource planning. I’m really a fan of lists and overviews that plan because you’re really busy putting the puzzle together and – it really helps me make that puzzle. Therefore, it is a pleasure to plan.

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Most agency traffic managers working in digital agencies will have experience in business finance, marketing, advertising or similar communication-related fields. However, what is even more important are the skills that transport managers need to be able to manage project delivery.

A typical day in the life of an agency traffic manager is very varied and may include at least a few, but sometimes most, of the following:

As an agency traffic manager, you will work with project managers or account managers to plan who will work on which project and when, build teams and ensure. You can get key information about reservations directly in Planning in . The project managers will decide on time estimates and assess the availability of the team, while you will be responsible for moving resources from higher level to .

As a traffic manager, you are not so interested in which tasks have been carried out and all the small TODO tasks in between. However, since each project has tasks and services, budgets and time allocated to it, you need to track the costs associated with each project in order to run higher-level projects efficiently. In you will take a look at budgeted expenses per project and check if the right resources are working to meet deadlines.

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One of the biggest benefits you get as a traffic manager is time recording and the ability to track time off orders. With regular time recording on each project and integrated free time management, you get real-time data in reports. It is also much easier to move schedules and collaborate with project managers and HR with this data.

“Right now we can have reports, and we can also have time off requests, simple schedule editing.”

Excellent planning and management skills are half of what a successful agency traffic manager needs – the other half is strong leadership skills.

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Manage cookies and help us offer our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. With the creative team’s constant list of projects and client requests, things can get pretty hectic if you don’t have a steady, determined multi-tasker to make sure things run smoothly. Who is the real professional to keep these details, tasks and deadlines clear? Traffic manager.

Often different departments are needed to meet a client’s creative or marketing request, and Traffic Managers are time management professionals who help content creative teams and other departments organize projects and deliverables for internal and external clients. They are the man (or woman) between the team and the project’s stakeholders, setting and assigning requirements, managing deadlines and delivering final products.

To ensure that all measures are carried out on time and with high quality, traffic managers need outstanding soft skills, such as communication and organizational skills. They must also remain calm under pressure. Juggling different projects can be stressful, and a successful traffic manager cannot afford to worry about looming deadlines. Being able to adapt to new requirements and unexpected delays is critical.

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If you excel at planning and are looking for a fast-paced role that can help you hone your project management and leadership skills, the Transport Manager role could be for you.

You can find the latest traffic controller salary projections in the Robert Half Salary Guide, along with what a traffic controller can expect in your city.

The main objective of the traffic officer is to ensure that all marketing security

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