Army National Guard Drill Pay

Army National Guard Drill Pay – Salaries for National Guardsmen and Army Reserves could increase by 4.6 percent in 2023, according to the draft defense budget. The 4.6% increase would be the largest increase in military pay in two years, but it may not be enough to keep up with inflation, which reached 8.6% this season, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Army National Guard Drill Pay

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Oklahoma National Guard Sgt. Lerami Drew enters the rifle range with the Top Warrior contestants for a marksmanship test. The Best Warrior Competition is an annual three-day event that brings together top-level soldiers to test their skills in a variety of combat tasks and exercises. (Oklahoma National Guard photo by Pfc. Emily White)

Salaries for National Guardsmen and reservists will increase by 4.6% in 2023, according to the defense budget.

The military salary increase will take effect from January 1, 2023. You will receive your first increased salary on January 13, 2023.

The 4.6% increase is the largest increase in military pay in two years, but it may not be enough to keep up with inflation, which hit 8.6% in June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Here are the drilling salary charts for 2022 if you want to see how much your salary will increase per dollar.

Both National Guard and Reserve members can qualify for VA mortgage benefits if they meet basic service requirements. VA supports thousands of loans to Guard and Reserve members and veterans each year. You can check online today to see if you qualify for a VA loan.

These pay schedules apply to members of the reserve component (together, the National Guard and Reserves). These charts include only basic military pay and do not include non-taxable benefits such as basic housing allowance (BAH) or basic subsistence allowance (BAS).

These charts include the base salary for each pay grade, as well as detailed pay amounts for one training and two of the four training periods. One-time training is 1/30 of the monthly base salary. A standard training vacation includes four training periods.

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Military personnel and active duty members of the National Guard and Reserve are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month, except when these days fall on a weekend or holiday. You will then be paid the previous business day. Traditional members of the Guard and Reserve may be paid on different schedules when they exercise or perform different duties. Drill checks usually come within a week of training. Please contact the finance or accounting office for more information.

Here are the 2023 pay scales for National Guard and Reserve officers, commissioned officers, and noncommissioned officers.

The Reserve component consists of the National Guard and Reserves, including the Air Force National Guard and Air Force Reserve, the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, the Coast Guard Reserve, the Marine Corps Reserve, and the Navy Reserve.

Your practice vacation consists of four four-hour practice sessions (two per day). During this time, you will earn salary and points for four practice periods.

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National Guardsmen who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will not receive any federal training or pay, including monthly days off, according to a memorandum signed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday.

Austin is calling on the secretaries of the Army and Air Force to enforce their mandate by not allowing unvaccinated Guardsmen to participate in exercises or training events and withholding federal funding that pays for Guardsmen to participate.

“Members who do not participate in drills, exercises or other duties because they are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not be granted credit or excused absences,” Austin wrote, terminating the contracts of unvaccinated Guardsmen. and ensure their right to release from the National Guard.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s November 30, 2021 memo requires Service Secretaries to implement the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for reservists.

Arizona Army National Guard Pfc. Kylandra R. Grixgby (left) And Pvt. Dayjarae M. Stubblefield Prepare To Take A Driving Test On The M1097 Humvee March 10, 2018, At Papago Park Military Reservation

Austin issued the memo after Oklahoma’s governor formally rejected a request to exempt that state’s National Guard soldiers and military personnel from the Department of Defense’s vaccination mandate.

The governor has also directed his adjutant general not to enforce federal vaccine mandates while troops are under state-controlled status, raising fears that other states could make similar efforts to mandate vaccinations in a bitter political battle.

In the weeks since, the Oklahoma government and the DoD have repeatedly debated whether the DoD has the authority to carry out its mandate when troops are not federally mobilized in the 10th state.

Troops who resist the COVID-19 vaccine can get an exemption, but it’s rare. Of the millions of military personnel, only a handful have religious exemptions from the vaccine.

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The National Guard also operates under a state-controlled Article 32 federal activation, in which the governor is at the top of the chain of command, but units use federal money to fund activations ordered by the president.

This includes mandatory weekends, the bread and butter of the National Guard. So, even if Oklahoma’s adjutant general orders his subordinates to ignore the vaccine mandate, the DoD still has the right to keep the drill money, and military units can fire noncompliant Guardsmen outside their local chain of command.

Austin also directed the service secretaries to develop a similar policy with their Ready Reserve troops, who must also be vaccinated by Dec. 2 for the Air Force and June 30 for the Army. Published guidelines must be published by December 6.

As of Tuesday, more than 95 percent of the Air Force’s roughly 180,000 reservists had been at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19. The military does not release vaccination details.

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There may still be legal challenges to the vaccine mandate, but Austin’s memo resolves any questions the agencies may have about how the mandate will be implemented. As in active service, instead of local commanders who initiated the division, there will be military units.

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