Becoming An Officer In The Army National Guard

Becoming An Officer In The Army National Guard – 5th Army Materiel Command Chief Warrant Officer Darren Cook discusses the Army’s ongoing technology changes and charges Tennessee National Guard supporters during the transition at Tennessee Guard headquarters in Nashville, Feb. 1, 2017 (Sgtby/Eben Booth). US Army)

You can earn a commission in the U.S. Army through one of four programs: the U.S. Academy, the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, the Officer Candidate School, or the direct encounter. All require applicants to be high school graduates, pass a medical and physical exam and be at least 17 years old.

Becoming An Officer In The Army National Guard

The US Academy at West Point, New York, offers Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering and liberal arts. Graduates receive commissions in the army as lieutenants. Admission is highly competitive. Appointments are usually made through nominations by US senators and representatives. Applicants must begin seeking admission to the Academy no later than the middle of their junior year in high school.

New Top Warrant Officer For Ny Army National Guard Takes Over Duties On Friday, Dec. 9

Army ROTC is the primary source of college-trained officers for the Army. ROTC is currently offered at more than 300 institutions and contracts with more than 1,000 colleges and universities.

Army ROTC consists of two parts – Basic Course and Advanced Course. The basic course covers the first and second year of college. Students may withdraw at any time without obligation. Selected students may enroll in an advanced course during their last two years of college. Graduates receive a uniform, required textbooks and a living allowance. Cadets have scheduled a six-week advanced boot camp during the summer between their junior and senior years of college.

Educational assistance in the form of highly competitive scholarships is available for two, three or four years in varying amounts each year. Additional scholarship benefits include a certain allowance for textbooks and supplies.

Officer Candidate School is a 14-week course that prepares enlisted personnel, command officers and civilians with college degrees to become Army officers. Enlisted soldiers and warrant officers must have 90 semester hours of college credit before applying. Civilian applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. The Officer Candidate School (OCS) now has nearly 1,000 officers a year, compared to the academy’s 900.

Becoming An Officer — Today’s Military

The Army offers direct appointments to specialists in selected legal, medical, ministerial and technical fields. Professionals can enter the advanced ranks based on their level of experience.

A Warrant Officer of the Army is an officer appointed by order of the Secretary of the Army to demonstrate a thorough level of technical and tactical competence. A command officer is a highly specialized expert and trainer who gains progressive levels of expertise and leadership through the operation, maintenance, administration, and management of Army equipment, support activities, or technical systems.

To become a warrant officer requires a lot of skills in a particular professional specialty. Army warrant officers must demonstrate leadership skills and have the desire and commitment to improve their technical knowledge through professional development, training and education. Through study, experience, assignments, and promotions, they learn to perform effectively in the most demanding positions.

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Soldier Becomes First Filipino General Officer In Hawaii Army National Guard

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Louisiana National Guard Commissions 16 New Officers

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JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska – One of three newly commissioned second lieutenants in the Alaska Army National Guard has taken the road less traveled to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an Army officer.

Lt. 2 Marissa Lindsey joined the US Air Force in 1998 and served on active duty for eight years. Seven years after leaving the Air Force, he joined the Alaska Army National Guard to serve his state and nation, but also in part because of the camaraderie he missed. This time she decided to become a soldier to join the US Army, joining her husband who was on active duty in the Special Forces.

Mddf Soldier, Nco And Officer Of The Year To Be Honored At Annual Muster

“I miss putting on the uniform and being a part of something else — a service that I’m honored to be a part of,” he said. “The National Guard offers many opportunities to grow as a person, professional and leader, being part of a team.

Lindsey served full-time as a soldier in the National Guard until he left for Officer Candidate School at Fort McClellan, Alabama earlier this year.

Far from average, Lindsey looks for ways to excel in everything she does. He graduated from OCS as one of the honor graduates and earned the highest physical fitness score out of 57 officer candidates.

The fitness test measures the number of push-ups and sit-ups each soldier can do in two minutes, followed by a two-mile timed run. When a soldier scores over 300, they are rated on an extended scale, on which Lindsey scored 352 points. He attributes this achievement to his physical training prior to OCS.

Virginia National Guard Welcomes Nine New Officers > Virginia National Guard > News

An avid CrossFit athlete and certified trainer, Lindsey messed up her routine six weeks before OCS.

“Instead of jumping straight into CrossFit, I focused on bodyweight, high-intensity interval training, sprinting and distance running,” Lindsay said. “Once a week, on Mondays, the other officer candidates and I would gather at 907 CrossFit at Camp Carroll for crossfit training. It helped us bond as a team and build esprit de corps.

Lindsay began her preparation for OCS by attending a four-month pre-OCS program at the 207th Multipurpose Training Regiment’s JBER. The training covered topics such as troop leadership procedures, land navigation, dispatch of operational orders, drills and ceremonies, and physical training.

“Pre-OCS is not required to attend OCS,” Maj said. Barbara Coe, senior tactical officer and program commander of the 207th MFTR before OCS. “It is highly recommended that a future officer do this to improve the skills needed to pass OCS.”

Louisiana National Guard Welcomes New Officers

All three young lieutenants from Alaska participated in OKS. Lindsey said it was worthwhile and rewarding for a number of reasons, perhaps most importantly the friendships made at home that made all the difference after going to the gym.

“The Alaska National Guard, by far, had the tightest pool of officer candidates,” Lindsey said. “Other officer candidates and our training officers often commented on how tight we were. Ultimately, being with such a supportive group, I believe, gave us the confidence we needed to give our absolute best, soaking up everything we could out of the program.

The day Lindsey was awarded her new rank — a gold bar, which new officers are sometimes called a “stick of butter” — was the last day her husband will wear the uniform before he hangs it up and retires. after 20 years and eight deliveries. He served as an active duty Army Green Beret.

“I feel like he’s passed the baton,” Lindsay said. “He gave me my first greeting

Roy Macaraeg Rises From Ranks To Become 1st Filipino General In Hawaii Army National Guard

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