How Long Does The Trademark Process Take

How Long Does The Trademark Process Take – Soh Chee King (left) and Lee Woon Seng (right), part of the interagency team working on the IPOS Go mobile app.

How long does it usually take to file a new trademark online? This usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. With the recently launched IPOS Go app, the world’s first online trademark registration app, we have reduced the trademark application process from one hour to just 10 minutes! Launch of the world’s first online trademark application app

How Long Does The Trademark Process Take

“Trademark filing has traditionally been a complicated and time-consuming process for entrepreneurs,” said Soh Chee King, who works at the Intellectual Property Office Singapore (IPOS) as a Business Analyst for the project in IPOS Go There is a web-based e-services site, but several steps are required before a trademark application can be successfully filed. “Even with guidance from counselors, a first-time applicant can easily take up to an hour to complete a trademark application,” added Chee King.

Trademark Registration In Nepal

To address this pain point, an interagency group made up of IPOS and Gov staff set out to streamline the intellectual property (IP) registration process. The team envisions a platform that will allow entrepreneurs to easily make IP transactions, as easy as an Amazon online transaction.

“In a world where consumers are presented with competing offerings and options, strong brands have become an important value proposition,” said Lee Woon Seng, staff member at Gov’s Services Group and project manager for IPOS Go. brands through an app means saving time, effort and costs, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on brand development.

IPOS Go app has many new features. “We thought it would be great if the app could allow people to file for a trademark, just by taking a picture and sending it on the go,” said Hazel Moi, who leads the government team at IPOS as IT director. With this in mind, the team has integrated a similar sign search functionality as part of the IPOS Go app. Powered by artificial intelligence and image recognition technology, the feature allows users to submit a logo or photo and perform an image-based search for similar brands. The smart part scans the submitted image and looks for similar existing brands. “This feature allows applicants to anticipate possible objections that might arise from similar existing trademarks, prior to filing. It gives applicants the opportunity to redesign their trademarks,” Chee King explained.

The challenge was to translate and streamline the process from the existing web-based application site to a mobile app. “Usually, nobody expects to spend more than 15 minutes on a mobile app transaction,” Hazel said.

Register A Trade Mark

The ultimate goal is to create a mobile app that is simple enough for a layman to use effectively. To do this, the team must first understand their end users. In their efforts to revolutionize the trademark filing process, the team adopted an agile, product-centric development approach, constantly testing multiple user interface designs and prototypes. The user tests gave the team some valuable insight into what a good trademark application should be.

“We have taken into account most of the complex legal and technical terms in the current application form and simplified the number of fields,” said Woon Seng. The team worked to break down the application process into smaller logical sections and developed progress indicators to guide and improve the user experience and navigation. The IPOS team also reworded most of the legalese into simpler language and removed redundant fields and steps to reduce complexity.

Ready, Steady, IPOS Go! In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, transforming Singapore’s branding application process with IPOS Go is part of IPOS’ mission to deliver digital innovation that better serves citizens and businesses. In the first three months of its launch, the IPOS Go app had over 2,600 downloads and received positive feedback from the industry and businesses.

“Based on the filing numbers registered in the first month, IPOS Go improves the user experience of entrepreneurs by allowing them to file their brands directly with IPOS,” said Chee King. The team also hopes to introduce more useful features, such as tweaks, into the app in the future.

Short Overview Of Intellectual Property Rights

Do you have a trademark to file? Download IPOS Go now from the App Store or Google Play Store and file your trademark in just 10 minutes! the next step is to submit an application to the USPTO.

Prior to the search and filing, we need you to provide basic information about the trademark owner, a picture of the proposed trademark, a description of how the trademark will be used, and whether the trademark is currently in use (and if so, evidence of how it is used (usually a photo of your product or a photo of how you use the brand in relation to your service).

The USPTO will review your application and determine if your proposed trademark can be registered. UPSTO may request additional information or changes may be made to your application.

Property. For example, we will need basic information about who owns the trademark: the individual’s or company’s name, business entity type, postal address, and email address.

Trademark Registration In Uae: Cost, Process & More

What is a Trademark? Your brand can be just words (no logos, colors or other design elements), or it can be more artistic – it can be a logo with some words, some art, or even just an image that represents your brand. To apply. we need to describe what your brand is; and, if you are currently using it, we need to provide clear proof (a photo) of how you are using it.

How to use it? You must also describe how your brand will be used. A brand must be assigned to a class of goods or services and we will help you identify which class your brand belongs to. You can use your trademark for more than one class of goods or services; however, only how you use the brand (and the classes we apply for) is protected, and the USPTO charges a fee for each class you apply for.

When did you start using the brand? We also need to know if you’re already using your brand. If your trademark is already in use, you must provide proof of your application. This can be in the form of a product label, a screenshot of your website, or a label or tag. You must also provide the date you started using the trademark. If you’ve never used the proposed brand commercially, that’s fine; a sort of trademark registration application is also available and we will provide you with more information as soon as we start the process with you.

The entire registration process can take up to a year or more. Times vary depending on the type of application and the degree of completeness of the application. Approximately six months after your application is submitted, it will be assigned to a USPTO Examining Attorney. If there are no problems, the proposed trademark will continue in the process and will usually be registered within 3-6 months afterward.

Trademark Vs. Copyright: Which One Is Right For Your Work?

If there are objections, we work with you to address them; most objections are included in our flat fee.

Most people lose their trademark application due to objections that are easy to navigate or easy to avoid – let us help you file your trademark application! Gone are the days of monopoly. With few exceptions, people can engage in any type of activity. Thus, there are people who have the same business, resulting in increased competition. There are many similar products available, causing confusion among buyers. Some people have also started selling counterfeit products which has created a need for a brand. A trademark helps the buyer determine the authenticity of the product and its true seller. But people shy away from registering a trademark because it’s a long process. The Ministry of Trademarks has become more active and has made the process of registering a trademark faster. Previously, the trademark registration process took 15-18 months to register a trademark, but now the trademark registration process takes 6-8 months if there is no opposition. Here are the stages of the trademark registration process.

One of the main stages of trademark registration is the collection of documents, drafting and filing of the trademark application which takes 2-3 working days. Once the trademark is available, one can start using the “TM” sign together with the brand name or logo as indicated in the application.

This is part of the trademark registration process. If the mark includes figurative elements or logos, all applications will be treated according to the Vienna Codification. It is assigned a Vienna code under the Vienna Agreement. Allows search for the trademark of a logo for internal use. As this is an internal trademark registration process, it takes approximately 3-5 business days

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