Medic In The Army Requirements

Medic In The Army Requirements – WASILLA, Alaska – National Football League Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson once said, “Success happens when opportunity meets preparation. For Sgt. Scott P. For 1st Class Samson, an employee at Army Station A Wasilla volunteer, this quote came true twice in 2020 when he helped save lives.

Samson, who has been with the Alaska Army Recruiting Company since 2015, enlisted in 2010 and trained as an Army medic. Combat medics are military health professionals who provide emergency medical services, such as emergency medical technicians or civilian emergency medical technicians. They receive CPR training as part of their basic life support certification, and like all soldiers, the certifications must be current to stay on their field of duty.

Medic In The Army Requirements

Samson said: “Sudden problems will not end.” “Training soldiers and civilians to deal with them, wherever they appear, is essential for effective medical treatment in the field.” Effective medical treatment at every level of care increases survival rapidly.”

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Echoing this sentiment, the Wasilla Police Department, Lt. Ruth Josten, said, “Any type of emergency medical experience that a person has will be valuable and beneficial to the person receiving medical assistance.”

Samson was practicing his combat medic training over Father’s Day weekend when a car accident happened on the Seward Freeway. Samson says: “I contacted eight to 10 other people who rushed to help. “When I got to the car, the six-year-old girl who was being taken out of the car was not responding. Then I pressed his chest.”

Considering his height (5 feet 6 inches) and size, Samson reached the front of the car to look at the driver and passenger. Realizing that the passenger was somewhat coherent but trapped, he unbuckled his seat belt and got him out, after which EMS took over.

On October 8, Samson and his colleagues saw a man take a woman out of his car and put her on the grass near their station. The combat medic said he noticed the woman was unresponsive, and when he approached the scene, someone called 911. He performed chest compressions until paramedics arrived. Acknowledging his training in medical and military programs to intervene and help where needed, Samson said, “It’s not really what you think. I did what I hoped someone would do for one of my family members.”

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1st Sgt. Sheldon J. Hansen, Samson’s first sergeant in the Alaska Army Recruiting Company, highlighted Samson’s various combat medical training to help the community.

“Sgt. 1st Class Samson is a very experienced combat medic,” Hansen said. Alaska.” His ability to handle high stress situations and function effectively is a true testament to his military training. He has consistently demonstrated that military medical training is invaluable to his duties. everyday and that it has directly affected the community in which he lives.

While no one can predict the outcome of a life-threatening emergency, Josten, a police officer for 27 years, said, “It’s good to have someone with emergency medical experience whenever someone he got off. A person with medical experience has the opportunity to change the results. “

Samson, a native of Mason, Michigan, said his military training led to more career opportunities. “The medical field and my military experience have been challenging and rewarding. Nothing I’ve done before has offered the variety and consistency that the army has. As a doctor, I know that I have knowledge that I can use anytime, anywhere, and that is the main reason I chose it. As a soldier, I have a level of training and preparation that allows me to be successful anytime, anywhere. It’s a win-win.”

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For anyone interested in becoming a combat medic or joining the military, Samson suggests researching their options, asking the tough questions, and seeing if the military is a good fit. He also said, “Because it may not be the time [to join the army], life changes and later, it may be a good fit.” 1 / 4 Show caption + Hide caption – Spc. Leannah TeCroni, 1-147. Field Artillery Battalion, a combat medic, participates in Operation Atlantic Resolve in Grafenwohr, Germany, Jan. 30, 2020. It is important to develop cooperation with partners and partners to maintain trust… (Photo Credit : USA ) VIEW ORIGINAL

2 / 4 Show Description + Hide Description – Spc. Leannah TeCroni, combat medic, 1-147. field artillery battalion, tends to a small scratch while in the field during Operation Atlantic Resolve in Grafenwohr, Germany, Jan. 30, 2020. Combined Resolve is an exercise to strengthen… (Photo credit: USA) VIEW ORIGINAL

3 / 4 Show Description + Hide Description – Spc. Leannah TeCroni, combat medic, 1-147. field artillery battalion, demonstrates how to properly use a tourniquet during Operation Atlantic Resolve in Grafenwohr, Germany, Jan. 30, 2020. Preparation of the U.S. and participating countries… (Photo Credit : U.S. ) ORIGINAL VIEW

4 / 4 Show Description + Hide Description – Spc. Leannah TeCroni, combat medic, 1-147. field artillery battalion, perform preventive maintenance and service checks on its medical bag during Operation Atlantic Resolve in Grafenvohr, Germany, Jan. 30, 2020. It is important to develop… (Photo Credit : USA ) ORIGINAL VIEW

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GRAFENWOHR, Germany — A female combat medic from the small town of Estelina, South Dakota, is connected to 1-147. in the Polish Armed Forces during Operation Atlantic Resolve in Grafenvoor.

Spc. Leannah TeCroni has been drawn to the field of medicine and the military since childhood.

“It started when I was about 8 years old,” TeCroni said. I had a lot of respect for the army and I had medical equipment with a stethoscope so I pretended to be an army doctor.”

“When I was young, I didn’t understand that women could be in the military at that time,” TeCroni said. “As I got older, I realized that there were things like the National Guard and many military jobs that were open to women. There came a point where I realized that I could do it. .”

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“It was scary because I knew if I went to the recruiting office I was going to get in,” TeCroni said. “After talking to the employer several times, I felt a deep calling and knew that this is what I wanted to do, especially if I could enter the medical field.”

During the first training, TeKroni received three major awards: Iron Medic, Leadership Award and Honorable Grad, and was selected for an important leadership role in the training.

“It’s a very difficult course,” TeCroni said. “It was the first time in my life I was recognized for doing what I thought was right. I was incredibly humbled and honored.”

TeKroni now found himself tied at 1-147. to the Polish Armed Forces, where he was first deployed in order, one with each battery.

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“I didn’t want to just stay in South Dakota,” TeCroni said. “I never want to stay in just one place, so these tools have been great.” I like to go to other places and work and see different things.”

“A couple of things I learned from the first round is that you need to take advantage of the feelings you get when you don’t know and it makes you uncomfortable,” TeCroni said. “I use that to motivate me to look for answers and ask people for help.”

During that time as a combat medic, the soldier learns many medical procedures that most nurses are not allowed to do.

“I had to have stitches, cyst removal, toe removal, warts removed from my feet and toes,” TeCroni said. “It’s very surprising because usually on the civilian side, only donors are allowed to do such things.”

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“I’ve definitely been drawn to a lot of specialty foods in my life,” TeCroni said. “After being here, I would definitely like to work in the emergency room; however, there is a part of me that would like to go to a more dangerous place so that I can observe these things that happen every day, either inside or on the side of the population.”

TeCroni strongly encourages anyone interested in entering the medical field to join the National Guard as a combat medic.

“It can be a great step into a career in medicine,” TeCroni said. “Not only do you get more opportunity to be on the military side, but you get experience that you can transfer to the civilian side.” Idaho National Guardsmen from the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team conduct medical evacuation training at Orchard Combat Training Center, Idaho, in March. 30, 2022 (Master Sgt. Becky Vanshur/Army)

WASHINGTON – As the military prepares for a large-scale, high-casualty war, its medical branch must keep up with the pace of war.

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Army medical leaders have three primary tasks: return wounded soldiers to combat, clear the battlefield of heavy casualties, and

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